1. Boring is the New Goal: Technology Implementation Keys to Success

    Dec 2018 | ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting | Anaheim, CA

  2. Enhancing Quality of Care: Pharmacist Clinical Documentation in an Integrated EMR System

    Dec 2017 | ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting | Orlando, FL

  3. Renal Dosing Decision Support Post-Electronic Medical Record Implementation

    Apr 2015 | Mountain States Conference | Salt Lake City, UT

  4. Optimizing Fate: Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Practice

    Mar 2015 | ACPE-Accredited Presentation | Salt Lake City, UT

  5. Meaningful of Meaningless Use: Are We Doing This Right?

    Nov 2014 | Rotation Presentation | Salt Lake City, UT

  6. Smarter Healthcare: Leveraging Pharmacy Informatics in the Emergency Department

    Jun 2014 | Rotation Presentation | Sarasota, FL

  7. Identification of Barriers Associated with Timeliness of Antibiotic Administration in Febrile Pediatric Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department

    May 2014 | Florida Residency Conference | Gainesville, FL

  8. Intranasal Mupirocin for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infections in Open-Heart Patients

    Jan 2014 | Rotation Presentation | Sarasota, FL

  9. Nightmare Bacteria: Optimizing Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Gram Negative Infections

    Oct 2014 | ACPE-Accedited Presentation | Sarasota, FL

  10. Good Things Come in Threes: The Role of Apixaban for Atrial Fibrillation Post-PCI

    Aug 2014 | ANCC-Accredited Presentation | Sarasota, FL

  11. Neurosyphilis: A Blinding Discovery

    Feb 2013 | Rotation Presentation | Jacksonville, FL

  12. The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Survey: A Peek Into the Minds of our Patients

    Sep 2012 | Rotation Presentation | Tampa, FL

  13. The Role of IVIG in Group A Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Jun 2012 | Rotation Presentation | Sarasota, FL