Visiting the Motherland in 2018

After finding round-trip tickets to Beijing for $400, I immediately booked a long-awaited trip back to the Motherland. Considering I was already in the area, I figured I’d also look for cheap tickets to nearby cities: $200 RT to Seoul - Bingo! Next thing you know, I’m all booked for an amazing adventure Aug 25, 2018 - Sep 2, 2018. Based on our itinerary, we were planning on Beijing x 3 days & Seoul x 3.75 days.

The Plan

We were mainly in Beijing for the Great Wall, but we a had other spots that were areas of interest. To be honest, there weren’t too many spots to visit and Beijing was a pretty easy trip since everything was literally in the same vicinity and connected by various forms of transportation (see map below - everything in that box circled by the metro lines.


At the South end of that box is a the Qianmen residential district that was essentially a major hub for most of our activities. It was a great connecting point to the metro lines, food, nightlife, our hostel, and a few stops and 1 transfer to the airport. One of the strange things that we first encountered after getting off that stop to walk to our hostel was that there weren’t really any crosswalks; it was all underground tunnels. This translated into a lot of walking if you went the wrong way to get to where a tunnel was - it’s not difficult to navigate, but something to point out.